monday link love

by aspen&pine

shells at cherry grove, nc

I am starting a new weekly series in which I’ll be sharing my favorite links. I decided to do this for two reasons. First, to help teach me to post consistently to my blog at least once a week. (Something I really need to work on!) Second, I have started using twitter more and realized that I really love sharing links about simple living or great ideas I have found with people. I am also going to include a photo of where I am that day or have been recently. The photo above was taken at the beach a couple weeks ago. So here is my first post of monday link love.

This week I have enjoyed:

  • This video of the minimalists answering questions posed by their readers, and also their post about money, poverty, and happiness!
  • Exploring Into Mind’s blog on wardrobe building for the minimalist. I started here.

I hope you enjoy these links, and have a lovely week!