link love

by aspen&pine


My post is a little late this week. We went to DC this weekend to shoot a couple in the cherry blossoms, and when we got home Monday I forgot all about it! Not a good start to my Monday series, but I’ll learn eventually. The cherry blossoms in DC were so beautiful, and we got to enjoy a walk around the botanical gardens and down the mall after our photo shoot. When we got home I saw that Grandma’s tulips were blooming. It is really feeling like spring here at home now. All the new growth and blooms inspire me to start something new in my life. So, I will be pondering on that this coming week and encourage you to do the same.

This week I have enjoyed:

This powerful image series by Pieter Hugo of Rwandans 20 years after genocide who have reconciled.

An inspiring story about forgiveness.

This post about taking small steps toward minimalism.

An article about the expanding trend of gardening, especially growing your own food.

I also loved this story about saving sloths.

Enjoy these links, and have a lovely week!