link love

by aspen&pine

lavender & chamomile

This Saturday I visited Radical Roots farm for their plant sale and tour with my parents. Their farm is super neat and I bought a lavender and a chamomile plant while I was there. I have tried growing lavender from seed a bunch of times before and always failed. I think starting with a healthy little plant is a much better idea! We also had a lovely time with family over Easter weekend. We got to have Easter dinner with my family and then headed over to Jordan’s aunt’s house to spend time with his family.

Easter is always such a time of renewal for people in their faith and lives. This time of reflection and renewal always comes more easily to me during Easter week than at new years, when many people are making resolutions for the coming year. I spend more time in deeper reflection around Easter than at New Year’s, and I am more likely to remember the spiritual side to things. If I’m practicing lent, it helps me to concentrate on things that are more important in my life by giving up the things that aren’t.

Spring time helps me be more aware of things around me as well. I want to be outside more in nature, watching birds gather material for their nests, the robins searching for worms in the yard, the grass getting greener, and all the flowers blooming. All this activity out in nature gives me motivation to get moving on projects laying around the house, or get more exercise. I guess this is why we have “spring cleaning,” we just get this itch to get things done. So, this is why I think it is also a good time for internal spring cleaning. Clarifying our thoughts, strengthening our relationships, and digging out the problems in our hearts.

This week I loved:

This young lady’s Tiny house. It is lovely, and I adore her bathtub.

This video of 8 million petals falling over Costa Rica in a sony add.

A better way to say sorry, I think I could benefit from this lesson sometimes.

Having confidence in your business and doing what you don’t want to by zen habits.

As always, have a lovely week!