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by aspen&pine

image by Jordan Baker

image by Jordan Baker

This was a dinner we had last week, and I liked it so much I thought I’d share it with you and link to the recipes I used. I made lamb meatballs, oven roasted cabbage, and whole wheat naan bread (mainly because I ran out of white flour). I know this may seem like a strange combination, but it was surprisingly good. We also celebrated my birthday on Thursday at my parents house, where I got another delicious meal. My mom is the most amazing cook, and she made me lemon chicken with rice, sautéed vegetables, and a Ferrero Rocher cake.

Lemon chicken is one of my favorite meals. My mom started making it after we had it in a restaurant in Indonesia, where my family lived for seven years. The restaurant was at a hotel where we would sometimes go swimming. There was this outdoor floating platform over a pond that you could eat on. All I really remember of it was that it seemed so magical when we ate there, so I searched online to see if they had a website and they do! I was so excited looking at their gallery, remembering happy times in that pool with the strange tongue slides.

This weekend I went up to the Shenandoah National Park twice! Saturday I went on a wildflower walk with my Mom and sister. Every year around mother’s day, they have wildflower weekend up on the park, with guided walks where the guide identifies wildflowers, and sometimes rocks, trees and birds as well. Sunday Jordan came and we went up with my sister and a friend (and their two dogs) to do Rose River loop trail, a 4 mile loop that follows a stream to a waterfall. Both days were beautiful to be out hiking and enjoy the woods in the spring. It was so great to get some exercise and be out in nature!

This week I loved:

The Niarmena designs shoulder bag my sisters gave me for my birthday. The leather straps are so soft, I keep wanting to run my hands over them!

This handy guide on assessing the quality of clothing

10 simple ways to worry less by Be More With Less

Experiences vs. Things: my no buy month on Design Sponge

Although I don’t have children yet, I thought this was a very inspiring post!