by aspen&pine


The Munstead lavender and chamomile I bought at Radical Roots Farm have grown quite a bit since I got them. I am very excited for these to flower. I want to try adding lavender to foods and beverages and make my own chamomile tea!


My seedlings (clockwise) are organic lettuce, aster flowers, basil (in the little purple pot) and organic broccoli raab. I bought all my seeds at Walmart and was surprised to find an organic brand called Home Farmer, they are also the ones that came up and have grown the fastest.


All my pots except the blue and purple ones were second hand from my Grandparent’s which was quite a money saver!


There’s the plentiful mint that comes up every year. My Grandpap planted this originally, but I transplanted some next to my container garden and it has taken off wonderfully. My plan is to eventually turn this area into a raised bed for herbs.


Our strawberry patch has been producing wonderfully for us, my Mom came over and picked with me the other day. We share the work and harvest with my parents and grandparents. Unfortunately it’s also a weed farm, and bermuda grass has become the bane of my existence.


I hope you enjoyed this tour of my tiny garden, and are inspired to start you’re own (even if you are convinced you don’t have a green thumb and hate weeding).