link love

by aspen&pine


Don’t you just love those flowers? They are from my Grandma’s garden and I just had to pick a bouquet for our table. The table we have been doing some planning for our road trip in July on. One of my favorite websites for planning is roadtrippers. I can find new destinations and plot our route. We always put the route in google maps at the end to get better directions though (and so it’s consistent with our gps). I am excited because we will be leaving soon (in five weeks), but I still have a lot to do like meal planning, and finalizing our plans. We find that when we have plans, it actually gives us more freedom to be spontaneous on the trip because we know where we are going and how a side trip or extra day somewhere will affect us. We also don’t waste time trying to find a campground at the last minute. Free campsites is where we turn to keep our costs down.

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