link love

by aspen&pine


Jordan, my husband, meets with some guy friends every Tuesday, and that is my chance to cook all the lovely things he’s not too keen on for dinner. So while he’s grilling some steaks, hotdogs, sausages, or hamburgers, I’m making something with eggs, potatoes, and pastry for dinner (along with something green of course). Tonight I made this delicious galette recipe by Joy the Baker with some fresh green beans. It lived up to my expectations and more!

This week I loved:

Am I my brother’s keeper? by The Hill of Beans

This is an awesome tip for whipping cream using a mason jar!

These 7 unique non-toxic houseplants on A Beautiful Mess are so awesome, and I love that they mention which ones can handle neglect.

7 invisible benefits of living simply by be more with less

Lastly, The story of the mexican fisherman is part of our life philosophy