link love

by aspen&pine


Sorry for the silence on here, I just haven’t gotten around to posting much since we got back from our road trip at the end of August. We explored and discovered so many places! The image above are some natural treasures I picked up on Washington’s beaches, one of my favorite places.

this week I loved:

Simplifying your kitchen for the tiny house, or in my opinion, any house!

When simple feels complicated on The Art of Simple.

How to create a life with room for what matters most on More with Less.

Another post by Courtney Carver, including a smoothie recipe, and why we should do things we don’t want to.

A pretty hair tutorial.

I absolutely love the white interior of this small house!

Facts about palm oil and rainforests is something we all need to read up on! Some images of Borneo’s vanishing rainforest on National Geographic.