hot salsa

by aspen&pine

salsa | home canning

My husband loves hot stuff, and I mean really hot stuff. He’s eaten ghost peppers, which used to be the hottest pepper in the world until the Carolina Reaper came a long. They have such lovely names don’t they? I am not about to touch either of those peppers, which can burn their way through the pickers gloves. No thank you, I think I’ll stick to working with the lowly habanero (whose juice still got under my fingernail and burned all day long when I made my salsa verde).

This year my mom grew some habanero’s for him, and suffice it to say that they really grew. We have so many habaneros I don’t know what to do with them all. One of the plants even bent and broke off from the load! Since I am not a fan of spicy things, I haven’t been very good at keeping Jordan stocked up in things like hot sauce and salsa. I am definitely making up for that now with the multitudes of jars of salsa filling up our pantry. I made this salsa with my mom for the first time, and it turned out great!

Hot Salsa

10 cups tomatoes, chopped (about 6 lb. whole)
5 cups onion, chopped
5 cups green peppers, chopped and seeded
2 1/2 cups hot peppers (I used a mix of jalapenos and habaneros), chopped
1 1/4 cups cider vinegar
6 cloves garlic, minced
2 Tbsp cilantro, minced
1 Tbsp kosher salt

Place whole tomatoes into a large pot of water and boil 2 minutes to release skins. Place boiled tomatoes in cold water, the peels should come off easily now. Peel, core, and chop tomatoes. We chopped the peppers and onion in a food processor to make things a little quicker, this gives a finer textured salsa. If you want chunky salsa you might want to chop by hand. Mix all ingredients together in a pan and simmer 10 minutes (or more if you want thicker salsa). Ladle into jars, wipe jar rims, and screw on lids. A helpful guide to water bath canning can be found here on the Ball website. Process jars 15 minutes.

habanero salsa | home canning