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by aspen&pine

minimalist journal

I found a three pack of these for a dollar at the dollar store. They are much cheaper than moleskins, but still cute! I am using one to help me work through what stuff I want to keep in my life, and what to edit out. I am having trouble getting rid of things, but really want a clutter free and clean looking environment in our home. To start I am answering some questions from Into Mind’s blog, which the links to are listed below. This way I can really focus on what Jordan and my’s needs and priorities are. For example since we have our own photography business, we have some extra items I need to make space for (like camera and video equipment).

This week I loved:

When being “frugal” actually costs more, some advice that fits into a minimalist lifestyle.

Minimalism: a beginners guide and how to start living a simpler, more intentional life in 9 easy steps from into mind.

I have to admit that I am a terrible tea horder! Here’s a tip from the kitchn to keep that stash in check.