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by aspen&pine

homemade bread

I made bread today since we ran out yesterday. Fresh bread is the best thing, right out of the oven with butter melting into it. I used Pennies & Pancakes oatmeal bread recipe, only I reduced the sugar to 2 tsp. It turned out great. (Except for the spot that burned in the top. It rose so high it touched the heating element in my little oven!) I have been sick for a couple days and my Mother-in-law sent some delicious homemade chicken noodle soup home for me. I finished it up today with a slice of this bread, and it was so good!

This week I loved:

A simple place to live by Courtney Carver is about what the meaning of home really is.

A really neat pen pal story between a ten-year old american girl and an enemy of the United States, the dictator of Panama.

I would love to try this new drink.

This is a post from last year, but I thought it was lovely, and found it when looking up information about Keen’s bern baby bern boots.