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Month: February, 2015

link love


I mentioned letter writing in a previous post, and shared some pen pal links with you all. Since then I became a member of the Letter Writers Alliance and started correspondence with someone. I got my first letter a couple weeks ago. It’s such a rewarding experience sharing your life and thoughts on paper with another person far away. I think you should try it!

This week I loved:

25 meaningful things to do now from Courtney Carver.

The Beginner’s Guide to Minimalism on oktiny.

Building a minimalist wardrobe faq.

These portraits of young Native Americans celebrating their culture are beautiful!


link love

Chamomile infused olive oil

This is a jar of olive oil being infused with chamomile flowers. This particular oil I made to go in a gentle baby soap. I have been making soap lately and loved it so much that I’m excited to announce that I’ve opened an etsy shop! It will probably be awhile before it’s really all up and running, but it’s a start and I’m hoping to get some actual soap on there before too long. I’ve learned it takes a very long time to develop soap recipes because you have to wait 3-4 weeks for handmade soap to cure before it’s ready to be tested. So it will happen slowly but surely. I will also most likely be revamping my blog to go along more with my shop, hopefully getting a new look!

This week I loved:

Your mood vs. your reality on Seth Godin’s blog.

10 lesser known National Parks to visit!

An eye opening article about ADHD, Ritalin vs. Recess.

This story of monks in Iraq striving to save Christian manuscripts on npr.

Can sustainable palm oil help slow deforestation? Unfortunately this is still happening, but there is hope for the situation to improve.