Hi, and welcome to my blog, aspen & pine. My name is Aneila and I am currently pursuing the art of bookbinding and photography. I am married to the awesome photographer of Jordan Baker Photography.

I also love to bake, cook, and do all things crafty. I am interested in living a mindful life, which means living as simply as possible, living debt free, and being “green.” Mindful magazine defines mindfulness as “bringing awareness and caring into everything we do.” I really like this definition because it includes caring, and ties the idea of mindfulness into our actions. It reminds me of this verse:

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” – Philippians 2:4

Being mindful in everything we do shows kindness to others in some small way. Whether it is being “green” to leave a more beautiful and cleaner planet behind for others, small random acts of kindness, or the way we shop at the grocery store, I think it all has an impact in this world we live in. It’s hard to do, but something I can work on daily.

A little more about me personally; I am an introvert and my dream would be to live in a tiny house or yurt on a large plot of land in Colorado. I have been infatuated with yurts for a long time (its a great low-impact structure), but Colorado captured my heart just this year while we were on a road trip out west. The towering mountains, meadows, lakes, tall pines, creeks, and especially the stunning white aspen groves took my breath, and reminded me of God’s power and grace. My parents honeymooned in the Rocky Mountains, and I can definitely identify with the romance it holds. The mountains are awe-inspiring, while the groves of aspen trees, meadows, still lakes, and tinkling streams bring with them a quiet peace.

If you don’t know what a yurt is check out this blog post by Aura Joon. Her beautiful photography really captures the magic of a yurt. If you don’t know what a tiny house is check out The Tiny Life and my personal favorite, Rowdy Kittens (because I’m a cat lover).

My dream would also be to grow a garden, an orchard, keep bees, chickens, a miniature cow (which are adorable, really, google them), and a couple cats of course. Although, it would take a lot to convince my husband to stick roots so deep, as he would rather be on a trip somewhere!

That’s about it. I can’t wait to share more with you as I continue on with this journey of life!